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Saloodo! for Carriers explained in 90 seconds

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Saloodo! for Carriers

Leverage a single platform to get suitable loads in real-time to optimize your fleet, manage transport jobs with your driver via the innovative Saloodo! Driver App and profit from guaranteed fast payment with Saloodo! as your contract partner.


Step 1: Register and gain access to a large number of shipments

Simply register with your company's documents and get direct access to LTL, PTL and FTL shipments.

Set and save your preferred routes so you can always find the loads you need to optimize the capacity of your trucks.


Step 2: Enter competitive offers to win suitable loads

We help you propose competitive transport offers based on real-time market data - so you are more successful to win the loads you need.


Step 3: Manage your transport orders via the Saloodo! Driver App

Simply assign and manage the upcoming tours to your driver via the free Saloodo! Driver App. The Saloodo! Driver app matches the GPS of the driver to pick-up and delivery addresses and reminds the driver to confirm the important milestones along the transport journey.

An integrated document scanner allows your driver to scan and submit the signed POD so you get paid in a matter of days.


Fast Payment

Submit the signed Proof of Delivery document and Saloodo! will guarantee a fast processing of payment within 14 days.

Paperless Transport Documentation

Manage and keep all your transport documents in one place, so you can always get access to shipments, freight documents and invoices at any time, available directly on your personal dashboard.

Saloodo! Driver App

Stay in contact with your driver and receive automatic status updates throughout the transport journey with our free Saloodo! Driver App.

ULS experience with Saloodo!

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ULS experience with Saloodo!
"Saloodo! simplifies the communication between the consignor and the logistics department and also between us and the driver. Saloodo! is a digital platform that helps us generate and coordinate orders."

Klaus Weyer

Weyer Logistik GmbH

Thanks to Saloodo!, I now receive freight queries which I would not have received otherwise. Through the platform, Saloodo! allows us to plan truck routes at an early stage. Best is how the process handles our delivery data. Scan, print credit and that's all - it could not be easier than that!

Benjamin Swiecznik

Disposition National, DHL Freight GmbH

The platform is well structured and very easy to use. A number of carriers submit transport offers for our shipment requests, which means that we are already able to reduce our costs. We know that on Saloodo!, all carriers are checked extensively - this gives us a "safer" feeling about the delivery of our shipments. The "milestone" feature makes it so much easier for us to control the transport status because we are always up-to-date. Overall, Saloodo! offers us many advantages that improve our daily workflow.

Cengiz Yesildag

Sales Manager, HT Logistik & Handling GmbH

With Saloodo! I can easily find short-term transport orders. This is really great for us and for how we use our transport vehicles. Through Saloodo! we can find suitable loads, fully optimize the capacity of our trucks and as a result, we can avoid empty trips. What I like in particular is the simple operation of the platform. I do not have to carry paperwork as I can collect all the documents on my personal dashboard.

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